Good Friday Lock Screen: It is Finished

Today is good. Somber and good. We made a new lock screen that we hope you will use Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we have a victory to celebrate—but today, we remember the sacrifice.

When you see this on your phone- let your prayer be filled with praise. Years and years ago, with you in mind, He volunteered to take your place. There was nothing that could pull Him from the covenant He was determined to make for you, so He did it. He took your punishment, He took your debts, and He took them to the grave. Walls between us and our Father that we could never climb or never move came crumbling to the ground. His mission is accomplished. He made a way for you. He finished it on the cross.

Pray together—Thank you Jesus for choosing me. I want to feel your presence today like the rain. I want to sit humbly remembering what you did and what it would be like to watch my King pay my price. Thank you Jesus. Thank you. I love you. Amen.

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