Bible Tabs

One of the most popular search queries on our website is "Bible tabs."  Many people love the way they look, or find them helpful in finding books in the Bible quickly and easily.  We don't currently have any plans to make Bible tabs for our Bibles, but there are many women on Etsy who make them in a variety of colors and styles—some of them even make them to coordinate with Hosanna Revival Bibles!  Since you're reading this article, it's likely that you searched our site for Bible tabs, so we wanted to write this article to help point you in the right direction.

Farm Girl Journals is one of our wholesale partners who sells Hosanna Revival Bibles on their Etsy store.  She sells them with tabs already applied, but you can also buy the tabs as a standalone product and apply them to your Hosanna Revival Bible yourself.  She even includes a helpful "how to" video to show you the best way to apply them.  Hope this helps!