Discontinued Themes

Each of our printed products begin as original paintings. We continue to dream of new products, seeking inspiration from the world around us to develop new design themes. Our Bibles and journals are named after the cities and places that inspired their hand-painted blooms or landscapes; we hope you can see glimpses of God’s creation through the products we sell!

In order to keep our shop fresh with new designs and products, we must wave goodbye to old themes—even favorite ones—when their original, small-batch print run sells out. Below you will find a list of discontinued Hosanna Revival themes. Keep your eyes open for new product launches though; you never know when an old design may be back—maybe even with a new twist!


  • Rosie Bible
  • Paris Bible
  • Barcelona Bible
  • Tuscany Bible
  • London Bible


  • Asheville Bible
  • Zion Bible
  • Sofia Bible
  • Lisbon Bible
  • Florence Bible
  • Seattle Bible
  • Portland Journal
  • Paris Journal
  • Santa Fe Journal


  • New Haven Bible (Large Print)
  • Sugar Hill Journal
  • Hollis Bible
  • Mountain Home Bible