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We need a revival. Our world’s brokenness is obvious; symptoms of this brokenness seep into our every day. Revival is necessary- and we have a great promise. Jesus is revival. Jesus is our revolution. We created the Revival Collection to communicate our mission. You’re following along with Hosanna Revival for some reason — we want you to know why we exist, and what we’re about, so here it is:

We believe that the Bible is the tangible word of God, left here on Earth to lead our revival. If this precious book is the story of revival in our own hearts, the hearts of the ones we love, and this whole world, why aren’t we reading it every day, and clinging to it as though our life depends on it?

So what is Hosanna Revival?

HOSANNA: Hosanna has a double meaning in the Bible. It was first used as a desperate cry for help: "Oh God, please save us!" Once Jesus came, everything changed. The meaning of the word shifted and became: "Hallelujah, we have been SAVED!"

REVIVAL: We are in desperate need of revival. Make that your battle cry. Know that the war is over, victory is ours. Jesus defeated death and brought revival within reach. Let’s use the tools we’ve been given to reach the lost, and bring revival to this side of heaven.

HOSANNA REVIVAL: This book, the Bible, is filled with stories of LONGING to be saved, then met with the STORY of our loving Savior and the revival that only He can bring. We need a revival of this story. We need a revival of this book’s popularity. We need a revival in our own hearts and we absolutely believe revival is coming for this world. Oh Lord, save us — Hallelujah, a Savior has come!

A confession, a prayer, and a battle cry:

We need your Revival.
We need your Revival.
We need your Revival.

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