Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What versions are your Bibles?

Our Bible designs are available in the English Standard Version (ESV), New International Version (NIV), and the New King James Version (NKJV). Watch this video to learn more about the translations we offer.

What is the difference between a printed Bible and a painted Bible?

Our printed Bibles are a finished product, ready to ship. They don't have any customization options. Our hand-painted Bibles are either semi-custom, where you choose the words/lyrics/Scripture to place on a finished design, or fully custom, where you work directly with our artist, Katie, to create the Bible you've been dreaming up! Watch this video to learn more.

What is your refund and return policy?
Generally, our return policy states that anything undamaged and unopened can be returned and refunded if requested within 15 days of receipt. Orders that have not yet shipped can be canceled and refunded; just send us an email. Read our full return policy here.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on whether your order is custom or not, as well as your distance from Cincinnati. Here’s a general estimate on our order deliveries:
- Stickers (2-6 Business Days)

- Painted Journals (Finished: 2-6 Business Days, Semi-custom: 8-14 Business Days)

- Bibles (Printed: 2-6 Business Days)

- Semi-Custom Hand-Painted Bibles (One month after ordering)
- Custom Hand-Painted Bibles (click here fore more info)

- Art Prints, Pins, Buttons (2-6 Business Days)
Please note: International orders typically arrive 10-14 business days after purchase.

Do you ship internationally?
We do! Shipments typically arrive 10-14 business days after you place your order, but depending on your country, customs may hold them longer. Read more about shipping times here.

What pen should I use to write in my Bible?

The pages are durable and many pens will work just fine- these are two of our favorites: our favorite black pens to use are Pilot G2 pens. For color, we love Micron Fine Liners.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you are looking for larger quantities to resell in your shop or to sell at an event, fill out our Wholesale Application. We would love to talk about working together! If you are looking for medium quantities for a small group or Bible study, check out our discounted bundles.

Do you offer other discounts/sales?

From time to time we offer promotions that align with holidays or milestones. We will post them on our Instagram. We offer additional discounts, promotions, and early access to those who sign up for our monthly newsletter. You can sign up here.

Are stickers waterproof?
Yes! Our stickers are made from a highly durable transparent vinyl with a matte finish. Our stickers are 3 millimeters thick. They will do just fine on the back of your car or on your water bottle.

Can Bible designs and translations be switched?

No; at this time, our designs are specific to each publisher, so they cannot be switched between translations.

Custom Restock FAQs

Can I send you my Bible to paint?

Unfortunately, we only sell the Bibles we have on hand, and do not accept send-in Bibles. Without knowing what kind of cover our artist will be working with, we can’t trust and promote the integrity of our product. We have found from experience that most Bibles do not accept paint well. We don’t want to accept an order if we can’t promise that the painted Bible will not chip, wear, or fall apart. We have fine-tuned our processes to make sure that the Bibles we sell will withstand wear and tear and remain beautiful.

When is the next fully-custom restock?

We no longer accept orders for fully-custom hand-painted Bibles. We now have a design submission process for fully-custom hand-painted Bibles. Click here to learn more.

I had a Bible in my cart, but it wouldn’t let me check out. Why doesn’t my cart “save” my Bible?

Because the demand for our products on restock nights is so high, many customers are adding the items to their carts at the exact same time. Our website will sell the product to the first person to complete the checkout process. Unfortunately, this means that adding the item to your cart does not automatically secure the purchase.  It is secured once you successfully checkout.

Do you design fully-custom journals?

We do not offer fully custom journals. However, we do accept semi-custom journal orders on the first of each month at 8:00 pm EST. You can read more about semi-custom journals here.

What does "semi-custom" mean?
Semi-custom means the Bible or journal is already painted, but does not yet have words added to it. After you purchase the product, you will submit the request for the words to be added to your item.

How do I tell you what I want on my Bible?

After you purchase a semi-custom Bible or journal, you can reply to the order confirmation email that is automatically sent to you. (It may say "no-reply email", but don’t worry; we still get them!) .

What can I be thinking about before I submit my request?
Text options: cursive, print, or a combination of the two. Text color options: gold, white, or black. On semi-custom Bibles, 3-14 words will look best. You can request more, but depending on design, and font style, the artwork might look more cramped. On semi-custom journals, the back side of your journal will remain blank. We suggest choosing 3-16 words for the front side.

How long will it take to receive my Bible?

Due to the nature of custom and personalized items, production and shipping time varies per project. During the design process, our team will communicate with you on the approximate shipping time for your journal or Bible. For more information on processing time and shipping, click here.

I don't see any answers for Fully-Custom Hand-Painted Bibles—why not?
We don't accept orders for fully-custom Bibles, but you can submit design ideas here. We have created a separate set of Frequently Asked Questions on our Custom Bible Submission page for all things related to our new fully-custom hand-painted Bible process.