Because the demand for our hand-painted semi-custom Bibles and journals is so high, we created a monthly “restock” model for you to purchase one of a kind, hand-painted products by our artist, Katie Guiliano. We get so many requests to be on a “waitlist” for her painted Bibles and journals, that the waitlist would take years to get through! This restock model was created so everyone would have an equal and fair chance to purchase!

Once a month, on the first of each month, at 8pm EST, you will have to opportunity to shop semi-custom hand-painted products. At exactly 8pm EST, the Hand-Painted Shop will fill with all of the items that are available. They typically sell out within the first few minutes of posting, so we recommend setting an alarm, arriving early, and checking out fast! Because items sell so fast, we want to give you a preview of the items that will list for sale, BEFORE the sale, so you can scope out what you would like to purchase!

The restock preview page will be filled with previews of all of the semi-custom hand-painted items on the last day of the month! Browse the products, get an idea of what you’d like to buy, and be ready to shop on our Hand-Painted Shop on the first of the month at 8pm EST!

Semi-Custom Painted Bibles: $100

Semi-custom painted Bibles are painted, but they do not have words added to them yet. After you purchase a semi-custom Bible, our artist Katie will add the words or verses you choose to the front, back, and spine of your Bible.

These sell out very quickly! If you are interested in purchasing, we recommend setting an alarm, and being ready on the first of the month at exactly 8 pm EST. We will list 9-12 of these in each month’s restock in our Hand-Painted Shop .

When the Bibles have listed on the monthly restock night, simply add your item to your cart, and complete the checkout process. After you purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. Reply to that email with your verse requests for the front, back and spine of your Bible.

Text options: black, white, gold, cursive, print, or mixed.

Questions? Check out our restock restock FAQS .

Journals: $25-$27

Journals have 200 thick, lined pages, an elastic band for closure, a thin black ribbon bookmark, a small folder on the back interior cover, and hard kraft brown covers.

Finished Journals: $25

These journals are hand painted, and will be complete with a Bible verse or phrase. If you'd love some small personalization, we can add a small name or initials! Just send us an email after you order! Will ship 1-3 days after purchase, let us know if you need it sooner! We will list 15-30 of these in each month’s restock.

Semi-Custom Journals $27

These journals are fully painted, but have blank space in the center so you can pick the words that get added on the cover. Send us an email after you purchase with your verse/phrase requests. (Keep in mind, 3-16 words will look best!) Will ship one week from purchase. We will list 9-15 of these in each month’s restock.

Please note: We do not accept fully custom journal orders.

Our artist Katie has developed certain painted “themes” or designs that she paints and lists for sale. Because we know that you each have some favorites, we wanted to share with you which themes will be available in each monthly restock this year:

The monthly restock will be on the first of next month, at 8pm EST! On the last day of the month, you can see a preview of the items that will list for sale here! On the restock day, shop here!

If you missed the semi-custom hand-painted item you wanted, we have beautiful printed Bibles, too! View our latest collection, or view our all of our beautiful printed Bibles! If you are looking for a fully custom hand-painted Bible, please review this page.

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