Hand-Painted Bibles & Hand-Painted Journals

Beautiful, hand-painted Bibles are the idea that created Hosanna Revival. For that reason, our founder Katie still loves to paint custom orders. Because the demand for custom requests is so high, we take orders a little differently. Read below the different ways to order our hand-painted products.

Semi-Custom Bibles | Fully Custom Bibles | Journals | Restock FAQ

Semi-Custom Painted Bibles: $100

Semi-custom painted Bibles are painted, but they do not have words added to them yet. After you purchase a semi-custom Bible, our artist Katie will add the words or verses you choose to the front, back, and spine of your Bible.

How to Order:

We sell 4 semi-custom ESV Journalling Bibles each Monday evening.

On Monday nights at 8pm Eastern time, in the hand-painted shop, 4 semi-custom Bibles will be available to purchase.

These sell out very quickly! If you are interested in purchasing, we recommend setting an alarm, and being ready at exactly 8 pm.

To preview the 4 Bibles that will appear at 8pm, head over to our instagram page and watch our story by tapping the profile image on a mobile device.

When the Bibles have listed on Monday nights, simply add your item to your cart, and complete the checkout process. After your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. Reply to that email with your verse requests for the front, back and spine of your Bible.

Text options: black, white, gold, cursive, print, or mixed.

Questions? Check out our restock FAQs.

Semi-Custom Bible Restock Schedule

The Bibles sold in our Semi-Custom Restocks each week are a different design theme each week. Below, view the list of upcoming themes:

How to Order

Once a month, we accept fully custom Bible orders. Because we get so many requests for custom work, we created a "restock model" so that we could give a fair chance to everyone that wants to order.

Next Fully Custom Restock: January 10th, 8pm EST

Fully custom Bible slots sell out very quickly. We recommend that you set an alarm for the restock time, and be ready to purchase with your credit card information. (Paypal not accepted, sorry!)

At exactly 8pm EST on the restock date, in the hand-painted shop, two custom Bible listings will appear. Each listing will have 5-10 slots available:

Custom Floral Bible Listing: $125

Floral Bibles are Bibles with solid or multi colored backgrounds. Purchase this listing if your design ideas do not include a sky, or landscape of any sort.


Landscape Bibles are bibles where you would like an image painted across the whole Bible background. Purchase this listing if your design ideas include any sort of sky or landscape.


When dreaming of your Bible design, keep in mind that 1-14 words will look best on each side of your Bible. Also consider what inspiration images you will send to our artist. Will you want your name or initials on the spine? Any hidden details to represent a loved one or a special date?

This Bible is fully custom. We want you to design the Bible that will make it's owner's heart sing. Katie is happy to explore whatever ideas are in your mind, and help you bring them to life!

Questions? Check out our restock FAQs.

Collect Design Ideas

Finished Journals: $25

What you see is what you get! If you'd love some personalization, we can add a name or initials! Just send us an email after you order! Will ship next day.

Semi-Custom Journals $27

These journals are painted, but have blank space in the center so you can pick the words that get added on the cover. Send us an email after you purchase with your verse/phrase requests. (Keep in mind, 3-16 words will look best!) Will ship within a week.

At this time, we aren't accepting fully custom journal orders.

Restock Monday

Every Monday night at 8pm EST, our hand-painted shop will be restocked with the following items of that week's theme:

  • 4 Semi-Custom Painted Bibles - $100
  • 4 Semi-Custom Painted Journals - $27
  • 6 Finished Painted Journals - $25
Semi-custom items are painted with a theme and you choose the words to add! Reply to the email receipt with your word requests. These items will be shipped within a week of purchase. More questions? Check out our FAQs.