Rosie Theme - Scripture Lock Screens

Take yourself back to 8 years old. You did something wrong. It was time to receive your punishment. You hear a parent say sternly, " First + Middle name, get in here!". You walk slowly and timidly to the kitchen table to find your prosecutor waiting for you. Maybe you peek around the corner first- you probably keep your eyes down.

All-too often, we approach God this way. Full of shame, full of guilt - nervous as what His reaction might be to who we are or what we've done. This lock screen reminds us of Hebrews 4:16. We are told to come boldly to the throne of grace. When you think of your God waiting for you, go boldly. Eyes up, walking straight towards your King. We are invited to the throne of grace, where you will receive just that: grace.

Let this lock screen be a reminder of that instruction and a tool to memorize Hebrews 4:16.