Said the King - Scripture Lock Screens

"You have a seat at my table", said the King.

To understand my heart behind these words, lean into the story of Mephibosheth:

Mephibosheth was the last family member in the house of Saul. He was crippled in both feet and living in hiding out of fear of what the king might do to him as an heir to his throne.

King David heard he was living far away in Lo-debar, and again, crippled in both feet. He sent for Mephibosheth - not to kill him, but to bring him to his table. David don’t care how far away he was, if he was able-bodied, worthy, uniquely talented, or qualified. David sought out Mephibosheth, determined to shower him with loving kindness out of his love and covenant with his father Jonathan.

David had Mephibosheth brought to his table, probably carried. He offered him a seat and a feast. A seat at a table literally fit for a king.

As David showed him this love, Mephibosheth’s response was: “What is your servant, that you should show regard for a dead dog such as I?”. Mephibosheth couldn’t believe the mercy. In response, David gave to him everything that belonged to Saul, his grandfather. The grace. (2 Samuel 9)

We have a seat at the King’s table. No matter how far you’ve run, no matter where your flaws lie. He knows the depth of your sin, and still you are sought after- desperately chased. If you’ll let Him, He’ll carry you to the table of the King, and take you as his daughter.

Let this lock screen serve as a reminder of this truth.