Hosanna Revival Zinnia Seed Packet
Hosanna Revival Zinnia Seed Packet

Hosanna Revival Zinnia Seed Packet

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God the Creator is so detailed in all of his ways. As your zinnia seeds bloom, marvel at his intricacies and thank him for letting you experience his goodness in this way.

How to Grow

  1. Choose an area of with full sun and wait until after the first frost.
  2. Remove existing weeds from the area.
  3. Sprinkle your seeds on top of bare soil. 
  4. Don't cover them with more dirt; just press them down into the ground by stepping on the seeded area.
  5. First few weeks: Keep the soil moist until they are a few inches tall.
  6. After: As they grow, water regularly to make sure they don't dry out! 


Fresh Blooms: Cut blooms to encourage your zinnia to produce even more flowers! Share with friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Saving Seeds: in the fall, cut off dying flower heads and let them dry for 2 weeks. Afterwards, you'll be able to pluck hundreds of arrowhead-shaped seeds for next spring!

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Hosanna Revival