Just As He Said

We are so excited to offer you a free, daily devotional to help celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus during this special time of year.

We joke a little bit around here, about the lack of "Easter Music" when there's  MONTHS of Christmas music that takes over the radio waves. So many wonderful songs about the events of this week are out there! (We made an Easter Playlist on Spotify, if you want to follow along!) This year, we want to study the events that took place during the week before Jesus’ crucifixion and pair them with the promises God makes to his people all throughout Scripture. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we have no reason to doubt God's promises, but have every reason to believe he is faithful to do all that he says he will do.

Our study is called Just as He Said. In Matthew 28, after the tomb is left empty, the angel said, "He is risen, just as he said." The Bible is full of promises. We are working to learn them and believe him.

We pray that you will walk through this Holy Week devotional with us, and that it will be a tool that Jesus uses to draw you closer to him. We hope you grab some of your favorite people and walk through this week-long study, learning and worshiping together! We pray God will allow us to hear the words we have heard so many times before in a new light, leading us to praise and worship him for who he is.

Join us in celebrating this Holy Week, and giving God the attention and glory he deserves year-round.

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