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Dear Planner, Organizer, and Dreamer

our planners were made for you

We know the search for the perfect planner is a long journey. Planners are not a one-size-fits-all but specific to who you are. With this in mind, we've set out to craft a planner that brings the best of beauty and intentionality together. Begin the tour here:

a beautiful planner
You enjoy intentional visual features with a minimalist touch.

a functional planner
You love the perfect mix of structure and flexibility.

a faith-based planner
You desire a planner that features Scripture throughout the pages to keep you focused on Jesus.

If this is you—the intentional organizer with an eye for beauty—you're in the right place. Our planners were built for you!


I am obsessed with this planner! It is gorgeous from outside to inside, every single page filled with detail and beauty. It’s also the most functional and easy to use planner I’ve ever tried.

I love this planner!

As a planner snob, I am super picky about the planners I choose. This one has amazing quality, a practical (and beautiful) layout, and contains all the pages I want and need!

Everyday Encouragement

I bought one for myself, and loved it so much that I knew my sister needed one too! It’s hard to find planners that are both beautiful and efficient, but this planner has it all.

A Beautiful Planner

choose from three beautiful designs

Explore our Planner Designs

We believe a new and beautiful planner will excite you to open it up and plan your days intentionally. Explore our three beautiful planners below.

Choose your Cover Design

Hyde Park

our rich emerald green design with a floral interior

Choose Hyde Park


our delicate canvas floral design with a floral interior

Choose Cordova


our deep leather-like design with a neutral and minimal interior

Choose Stockholm

Explore your Interior

Floral Interior

both of our spiral planners have beautiful floral interiors with lined florals to doodle in and around

Choose a Spiral Planner

Minimalist Interior

our layflat planner Stockholm has a neutral, minimal interior with plenty of space to plan

Choose Stockholm

A Functional Planner

peek inside our planners

Explore our Planner Layout

Over the years, we've perfected our planner interior to be the perfect balance of flexible functionality and Hosanna Revival intentionality.


Monthly Scripture


Month-at-a-Glance Spread


Calendar Spread


Weekly Spread


17 Months from August 2023 - December 2024


+ More Features!


So easy to use and has more than enough room to write monthly or daily style with other added bonuses.

My Favorite Layout

It’s not “too” organized where I feel like I’m trying to fit my life into someone else’s schedule, but it’s organized enough where I can keep up with my dates, tasks, and responsibilities.


The paper feels great and is not cheap. Amazing craftsmanship and quality for the price!

how to use the blank boxes

You decide how to use them best! Here are some ideas submitted by you...

A Faith-Based Planner

A planner filled with Scripture

Our heart is to create beautiful and intentional tools that excite you to engage in Scripture! What if a new and beautiful planner filled with intentional touches of Scripture would excite you to open up your Bible this year?


Monthly Scripture


Banner for Your Week

My FAVORITE planner!

Each month has a beautiful bible verse to help motivate you and inspire you!!! A sweet reminder that the Lord is with us daily!

A Planner I Actually Want to Use

The Scripture, writing prompts at the beginning of each month, and banner word for the week have grown my passion for Scripture. I feel calmer writing in this planner because of the Scripture aspects.

Best Planner Ever

I usually feel overwhelmed looking at my schedule but the planner has helped so much and allowed me to dwell on truth, beauty, and good with the added verses.

A Planner for Every Season

Built for You

We design our planners with all walks of life in mind. With both structure and flexibility, our planners are built to be adaptable to your specific needs.

for school

I got this planner when I began nursing school. It not only kept me organized, but the Bible verses helped give me encouragement as well. Highly recommend buying this!

for new seasons

I just got married and was going crazy until I got this planner. It’s GORGEOUS!

for family life

The layout is perfect for my needs; I'm able to easily keep track of work schedules, activities, and appointments for our family of five.

Planner FAQ

If you have a question about our planners, take a peek below for an answer:

A few years ago, we went through an in-depth process of gathering feedback to understand your needs as you intentionally plan your days. As a result, we chose several key features to reimagine what was already our beloved Hosanna Planner. Here's what changed:

— SIZE: We downsized our planners to make them more portable.
— COIL BINDING: We also downsized the coil binding which makes for a smoother flip between pages.
— LAYFLAT: We added our first layflat design: our minimalist Stockholm planner!
— HORIZONTAL LAYOUT: We switched from a vertical to horizontal layout but kept your favorite daily checkboxes.
— MONTH-AT-A-GLANCE: We added a whole new spread for brainstorming your month before inputting into your monthly and weekly spreads
— MONTHLY NOTES: We also added a lined and blank notes page to the end of each month
— CONTACTS: We moved contacts to the end of the planner.

We hope these changes serve you well as you intentionally plan your days.

This is one of the biggest questions we get from you, so we want to invite you into the process behind making this decision:

📈 THE POLL: We began by asking YOU. When it came to wanting a 17-Month or 12-Month Planner, 60% of you said 12-Month, and 40% said 17-Month. Our 12-Month gals expressed sadness that 5 of the 17 months would go unused, whether it was the first 5 months before starting in January or the last 5 months when you’d buy a new Hosanna planner.

🤔 THE DIGEST: We sat down with this data and thought through our options. For years we’ve provided a 17-Month Planner running from August-December. Even when 60% of you prefer a planner running Jan-Dec, 40% of you still enjoy an academic planner. We wanted to serve all of you well.

💡 THE SOLUTION: We decided to keep our planners 17-Month Planners so that we could serve all of you well. So whether you’re a teacher, college student, 12-Month gal, or an I-start-when-my-old-planner-runs-out lady, this one’s for you ❤️

✨ OUR 2 TIPS FOR 12-MONTH GALS ✨ If you’re a 12-Month gal, we’re glad you’re mindful about not wasting the extra 5 months. Here’s how you can use your extra pages:

1️⃣ TEAR-OUT PLANNING PAGES: Our spiral planners make it simple to tear out pages you won’t use and use as pretty scrap paper when planning out future months

2️⃣ EXTRA NOTES SPACE: Your biggest need was space, space, and more space in weekly spreads, so use these extra pages to write down notes, doodles, and lists to your heart’s content! Give the perfectionist in you the permission to be messy with these pages!

At the end of the day, we’re grateful we have such an intentional community who wants to use their time (and space!) well! And if you’re ready for that fresh start, grab your planner today no matter what time of year it is 🎉


✨ TO THE LEFT ✨ Plan your month as a whole! The blank box is for lists, random notes, drawings, and more, while the lines are for more structured checklists, grocery lists, schedules, prayer requests, etc! If you find yourself thinking, I wish I had space for ______, this page is designed for that! 

✨ TO THE RIGHT ✨ Plan your month week-by-week! These blank boxes dated Monday-Sunday are where you can put special events, week-specific tasks, priorities, and reminders before you head into your weekly spread. Think of it as a drop list for all your thoughts before you plan!

P.S. If you need MORE space, we added a Notes spread to the END of each month with one whole blank page and one whole lined page! Drop your long lists here!

So what do you think? Does this spread excite you? What would YOU use it for?

While the short answer is you can use these boxes in whichever way serves you best as you plan, here are a few ideas on what you can fill them with: top 3 priorities for the day, daily events, task dump list, birthdays, or a verse of the day!

Intentional Tools

to go with our planners

What to Add to your bag

Whether you're prepping for school to begin again or grabbing a planner for a mid-year refresh, complete your fresh start by pairing your planner with a few of our other intentional tools.

Matching Notebook

Choose from our beautiful lined and dotted notebooks to find the perfect pair to plan your year well.

choose my notebook

Comfy Sweatshirt

What better way to plan your year than cozying up with our comfy Hosanna sweatshirt?

Choose my Sweatshirt

Cute Stickers

Decorate your laptop or water bottle with mini reminders of Scripture with the cutest Hosanna stickers!

Choose my Stickers