Holy Week Devotional 2020

Hello friends!

We’re so glad you’re here! This year, our team crafted a Holy Week devotional filled with Scripture to help us walk through this Easter season together as a community. While many of us cannot be together physically because of the global pandemic we are facing, we hope this does not stop you from sharing in the joy of Christ with your loved ones. This study is available to download and print, so print a copy for your friend and leave it at their doorstep. Discuss Christ’s great victory over death over video calls. Start a text thread with your community and share verses that have encouraged you. Download the free lock screens we will release every day of this study and share them with your people. We must not neglect to meet together and encourage one another. We need community now more than ever. Let this study unite you as the body of Christ, who shares the same Spirit and the greatest hope in Jesus. Commit to the 20-30 minutes this study will take each day for Scripture reading, meditation, and reflection, and let the Lord show Himself to you. In the middle of all of this, we pray you remember that the Lord is with you, and He has never left.

Love the Hosanna Team!