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Fully-Custom Hand-Painted Bibles

Fully-Custom Bibles

Custom hand-painted Bibles are the product that started Hosanna Revival. As we have grown, our artist and founder, Katie, spends her time designing new products, leading our team, and growing the company. She no longer has the capacity to accept custom hand-painted orders at regular intervals. However, because custom work is near and dear to her heart, we have created this design submission request form. Anyone interested in a custom hand-painted Bible can submit their design idea using the provided form. Our team will review the submissions every few weeks and select a few Bible design ideas that are a good fit for our brand and design capacity.

If you would like to submit a design request for a custom hand-painted Bible by our artist, Katie, please fill out the form below.


Katie is now accepting custom orders for 2024. If you would like to be considered for a custom Bible please submit your ideas before January 15th. If your design is chosen, you will hear back by January 23rd.

If you don’t receive an email by January 23rd, your design was not selected. You may enter your design during the next submission period in 2024.

If your design is selected by our team, you will be sent an invoice for $135 USD. Katie will then contact you, and you will communicate with her to finalize your design before she begins painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we receive so many messages and questions about hand-painted Bibles, we’ve compiled a list of our most-asked questions as well as some helpful information about our hand-painted Bible design request process.

Short answer: No. But because our artist, Katie, loves custom work, we have created this design submission request form. Our team reviews each submission and will select a few Bible design ideas from time to time that are a good fit for our brand and design capacity.

Please read all of the information at the top of this page. It will tell you everything you need to know about the submission process. Then, complete the form below to submit your idea.

The submission period and selection date(s) will always be posted at the top of this page. If your design is selected, you will be contacted via email by the closing of the selection period. If you are not contacted, your design has not been selected. You can submit your design idea during a later submission period.

There is no specific number that will be selected; sometimes it may be more than others. Selections will be based on our design/time capacity and whether or not the design is a good fit for the Hosanna Revival brand.

While there is no extensive list of things we're "looking for," a helpful tip would be to not submit an overly complex design. Stick to one or two background/foreground images that naturally occur.

We get an enormous amount of requests for custom Bible designs, and we simply cannot accept them all. We select designs that fit our current capacity and reflect our brand well. You can always submit your design request during a later submission period. You can also check your design against the following lists to see things we are and aren't looking for.

- Cohesive color schemes and scenes
- Beautiful, natural landscapes (scenery as you would find it in nature)
- Floral arrangements
- Recreating existing Hosanna Revival themes (e.g., Cincinnati, Paris, Freiburg, etc); browse our Instagram for lots of great inspiration and ideas from our past work!

- Animals and/or humans
- Other logos and/or brands
- Man-made objects (structures, statues, etc)
- Copyrighted or trademarked material (example: Disney castle or characters)
- Different designs on front and back (Bible is painted as one piece of art)
- Combination of complex landscape/sky images
- Wedding venues or other buildings/structures
- Text exceeding posted character limit