Our Mission

We exist to excite women about engaging in Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools for their lives.

Our History

In 2015 while studying in Spain, our founder Katie had the idea to re-bind and paint her bilingual Bible. It was plain black — she wanted her Bible to be beautiful and personal, reflecting the way the words on the inside made her feel. Katie immediately saw the ministry that this could become. She spent the next few weeks trying out different materials and processes- creating what is now Hosanna Revival.

Truly, it was a simple concept: when you get a new planner, you’re excited to organize. When you get a new journal, you’re excited to fill it up. When you get a new traveling coffee mug, all of the sudden you take your coffee to-go. What if, a new and beautiful Bible would excite you to actually open it up and read it?

We are convinced that a beautiful Bible can lead even the darkest heart to crack it open and consider the words inside of it. We are convinced that a beautiful Bible can revive the heart of a believer gone astray by motivating them and reminding them of the truth beyond the cover. We are convinced that an active Christ follower will be drawn to the foot of the cross each morning by the scripture within their precious tool. Above all else, we are convinced that the words inside of this timeless book will revive our world.

The Authority of Scripture

We believe that the Bible, consisting of 66 books, is the only holy, inspired, trustworthy and true Word of God. We believe there is one God, the Creator of all things, infinitely holy and eternally existent in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible is without error, and is the only final authority in all matters of faith and practice. We believe that the true beauty of the Bible absolutely lies within its pages.

Our Team

Katie Guiliano

Katie founded Hosanna Revival in 2015 after re-binding and painting a Bible. Now she spends her days designing new products, dreaming up beautiful things, and of course, painting. Katie’s walk with Jesus began after her graduation from high school when her best friend invited her to a Young Life camp. It was there that she decided a life with Jesus was for her. Katie has a heart for ministry, entrepreneurship, and exciting women about engaging with the word of God. You can find Katie in some fun earrings and covered in paint. She’s an Enneagram 3w4, loves planting flowers in her garden, and can most likely be found daydreaming about her next trip with her husband Nick.

Nick Guiliano

Husband of the founder, Nick “drives the boat” here at Hosanna Revival. His walk with the Lord started when he was a freshman in high school. A friend of his swooped in during a time of need, cared for him, and showed him the genuine love of Christ. Days before marrying our founder, Nick left the corporate world and joined the team on a mission to grow Hosanna Revival. Nick identifies himself as an Enneagram 9 and is passionate about UI/UX design. He likes to drink his coffee straight up black (skip all the extra stuff) and proudly calls himself a corn dog enthusiast.

Mandy Adams

At Hosanna Revival, Mandy takes care of all things graphic design, photography and styling!  Her sophomore year of high school, she was invited to a Young Life weekend retreat. It was there that she gave her life to Christ and became a Christian. Mandy hopes to seek creativity and beauty that clearly reflects the gospel of Jesus Christ and His nature in everything she does.  She’s an Enneagram 4, and when she’s needing a coffee boost, her go to order is a vanilla and caramel latte. Apart from Hosanna Revival, she spends her time leading Young Life at Monroe High School, making music, snuggling with her pup, Charlie, and being a Taylor Swift body double.

Will Burrows

Will is the director of publishing and general editor of Hosanna Revival Publishing. In addition to publishing, he also oversees digital marketing and web management here at Hosanna Revival. Will gave his life to Jesus as a boy in an old Baptist church in Jenison, Michigan. He loves to study theology and is passionate about preaching and teaching the Bible. When he’s not poring over manuscripts and book proposals for Hosanna Revival, he enjoys hiding out in his reading room, writing for his blog, and spending time with his family on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Malory Smith

Malory is our Operations and Communications Manager. She loves to care for our customers on a day-to-day basis, making sure all of your questions are answered and that all orders make it to their new homes. She has the privilege of communicating with customers daily and walking with them through both joyful and hard times. The Lord met her where she was as a freshman in high school at Lake Champion, a Young Life camp. Since then, she's learned firsthand that He is good Father who loves to instill His own worth in His children and lavish them with good gifts. She is an Enneagram 1 and always knows whose turn it is to speak in a big group. On an average day, you can find her drinking coffee, studying her Bible, curled up with a book, or hanging out with her husband, Tyler, and her gold and white border collie, Nash.

Ben Schutte

Ben likes to call himself the Sword Slinger at Hosanna Revival. Overseeing the sales department, Ben communicates every day with our wholesale customers helping get our products in shops and boutiques across the country and even in other countries across the world! Ben also acts as a project manager for other publishing and manufacturing related projects. Ben’s walk with the Lord began as a sophomore in high school but truly took off as he transitioned into college where he found real, Jesus-loving community to do life with. As an Enneagram 6w5, he finds a lot of joy in creating processes, solving problems and learning new things. Outside of the Hosanna offices, Ben enjoys being a Young Life leader and basketball coach at CHCA High School. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee, studying the Scriptures, and hitting the links for a round of golf. Oh, and Chipotle. He’s ALWAYS down for Chipotle.

AnnaClaire Schmiedel

AnnaClaire runs around with a camera snapping pics of Bibles and helping Mandy with design projects. She’s super passionate about small business AND Jesus, so she moved 10 hours west for this job and loves every second. Although she gave her life to Jesus at age 5, she didn’t really understand surrender to Jesus until devouring missionary stories throughout her teens and ending up on her knees before God her junior year of high school. God’s given her a huge passion for culture, so she never gets tired of watching Bibles get shipped out to every corner of the globe (shoutout to our international community!!). As an Enneagram 4w3, her evenings are spent embarking on spontaneous adventures or enjoying creative nights complete with fairy lights and candles of course

Benny Bear

Benny was the best Bernese Mountain dog any office could wish for. Katie and Nick adopted him in the fall of 2018, and he spent his life capturing the heart of everyone he ever met. Benny was an Enneagram 6, always looking for love, peanut-butter-obsessed, and was an expert in the dog arts of speaking, sitting, shaking hands (paws), and hugging. Benny was laid to rest in spring 2021 and we miss him dearly.