Our Mission

We exist to excite people about engaging in Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools for their lives.

The Authority of Scripture

We believe that the Bible, consisting of 66 books, is the only holy, inspired, trustworthy and true Word of God. We believe there is one God, the Creator of all things, infinitely holy and eternally existent in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible is without error, and is the only final authority in all matters of faith and practice. We believe that the true beauty of the Bible absolutely lies within its pages.

Our History

In 2015 while studying in Spain, our founder Katie had the idea to re-bind and paint her bilingual Bible. It was plain black — she wanted her Bible to be beautiful and personal, reflecting the way the words on the inside made her feel. Katie immediately saw the ministry that this could become. She spent the next few weeks trying out different materials and processes- creating what is now Hosanna Revival.

Truly, it was a simple concept: when you get a new planner, you’re excited to organize. When you get a new journal, you’re excited to fill it up. When you get a new traveling coffee mug, all of the sudden you take your coffee to-go. What if, a new and beautiful Bible would excite you to actually open it up and read it?

We are convinced that a beautiful Bible can lead even the darkest heart to crack it open and consider the words inside of it. We are convinced that a beautiful Bible can revive the heart of a believer gone astray by motivating them and reminding them of the truth beyond the cover. We are convinced that an active Christ follower will be drawn to the foot of the cross each morning by the scripture within their precious tool. Above all else, we are convinced that the words inside of this timeless book will revive our world.

Our Team

Katie Guiliano

Katie founded Hosanna Revival in 2015 after re-binding and painting a Bible. She was inspired by the vision of how a beautiful could impact the heart of anyone who held it, leading them to know God through his Word. Now she spends her days designing new products, leading our marketing efforts, and of course, painting. Katie’s walk with Jesus began after her graduation from high school when her best friend invited her to a Young Life camp. It was there that she learned that strivings can cease, and Jesus’ sacrifice extended all the way to her. You can find Katie tending to her cut flower garden, petting her giant dog Frank, and dreaming about her next trip with her husband, Nick. 

Nick Guiliano

Days before marrying Katie, Nick left the corporate world and joined the team on a mission to grow Hosanna Revival. He oversees production, finances, and operations with the primary goal of responsibly stewarding the resources God so graciously gives Hosanna Revival. His walk with the Lord started when he was a freshman in high school. A friend of his swooped in during a time of need, cared for him, and showed him the genuine love of Christ. Nick loves studying and teaching the Word of God, playing tennis, and riding bikes with his friends. He loves new food and proudly considers himself a corn dog enthusiast.

Mandy Keith

Mandy is our Creative Director who leads our creative team to new heights and gorgeous photoshoot locations. She is happiest constructing floral installations for our next shoot and takes great care to build killer moodboards for each and every season of our brand. She gave her life to Christ at a Young Life weekend retreat and loves pouring her passion for creativity into the mission at Hosanna. In the wild, you can find Mandy sewing a new quilt coat, hitting a new goal at CycleBar, or jet-setting to Colorado to be in the mountains. Back in the office, she can be found enjoying a single Oreo promptly at 10 am daily.

Malory Smith

Malory is the Director of Publishing at Hosanna Revival. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, their son, and their dog—all three of whom she is totally obsessed with. Malory met the Lord her freshman year of high school when the weight of sin and the gift of grace were explained in a way that made sense for the first time. Over the years of following Christ, she has fallen in love with the Word of God and is passionate about creating space for women in all walks of faith to open the Bible and process its words together to build biblical literacy. On an average day, you can find her taking a long walk, raiding the public library for her next good read, or drinking iced coffee.

Christine Hendrickson

Christine is the Business Administrator at Hosanna Revival. She is responsible for assisting the staff in human resources, finances, and day to day operations. Christine loves bringing order to chaos and gets oddly excited about policies and procedures. She grew up in the church but made a personal decision to follow Jesus in 2008. As an enneagram 6w5, Christine is fiercely loyal and finds great joy in serving others. She is passionate about gift giving, good food, and being prepared for ANYTHING. Christine lives in Loveland, OH with her husband and their two amazing daughters.

Ben Schutte

Ben likes to call himself the Sword Slinger at Hosanna Revival (see Ephesians 6:17). Ben joined the Hosanna team in May of 2020 as an intern. Now, as the Director of Sales, Ben communicates daily with current and prospective retail partners helping to get our products into retail locations across the world! Ben’s relationship with the Lord really took off when he arrived at the University of Cincinnati. It was there that he found a real, genuine Jesus-loving community to do life with. As an enneagram 6, Ben plans and schedules his entire life. His goal? To be prepared for everything and surprised by nothing. Ben enjoys teaching others about the infinite depths of the Lord and is passionate about the local church. Off the clock, you'll either find Ben consuming (too much) caffeine, playing golf, or eating tacos with his beautiful wife, Lily.

AnnaClaire Schmiedel

AnnaClaire is our email gal, so if you see us pop into your inbox to share about a sale or new tool, she’s the one behind that send! Along with this, she designs every few devotionals, assists with photos, and writes copy for multiple different channels with the goal of cheering you on as you grow spiritually. She grew up knowing Jesus but hit a point in high school where she realized he needed to not just be Lord in general but Lord of her life. Since then, her goal has been to use creativity to share Jesus, and Hosanna Revival has been the perfect space for that dream to come true. In the wild, AnnaClaire can be found picnicking at a local park, sourcing food from local markets for her next foodie project, analyzing her friends’ seasonal color palettes, planning her next international trip, and unwinding at Ikea.

Bernie Lipps

Bernie is the Operations Manager and is responsible for keeping the warehouse in order, managing the shipping department, and helping get your order to you. He spent his first 37 years of work life in the corporate world doing IT. As soon as he had a chance to come work with his daughter Katie at Hosanna and do work that had a purpose, he came running! Bernie is very detail-oriented and loves to keep everything in order and on time. He likes a good home reno project, the occasional mountain bike ride, and a good grill out. On a daily basis you can find him working out, spending time with his wife Becky, playing with his dog Sadie, and reading car magazines. He has the exclusive claim to fame as the only Hosanna employee born before VCR’s.

Charlotte Schwartz

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Charlotte moved from one Queen City to the other in early 2021 with her husband Alex. She spends her days making all Hosanna Revival social media content, responding to comments, picking out ribbon colors for our tools and second shooting at Hosanna photoshoots! Growing up in a very creative Christian family, and the middle of 7 children, Charlotte was taught to engage in creativity and her faith at a very young age! While always knowing about God, her relationship with him was reignited at 18 during an internship at her local church. She is passionate about great coffee, more coffee, really good food, baking bread, trying to do too many creative projects at once, thrifting material for new sewing projects, keeping too many houseplants alive and hosting monthly community dinners at her house! She is most excited when people in her life say “YES!!” to living their lives wholeheartedly for Jesus! 

Monica Touby

As the account executive on our sales team, and PR manager, Monica spends her days overseeing our social media partnerships and scouting out new wholesale partners to bring Bibles to shops near you! Monica grew up in a Christian family and has been following the Lord for the majority of her life. After a year in full-time ministry, she found Hosanna to be the perfect opportunity to engage in work involving Christ in the marketplace. She loves her community and is passionate about loving people well, and following the Spirit as he leads in her conversations. An avid connoisseur of Mexican food (especially queso), Monica enjoys visiting new restaurants, going on runs around Cincinnati, being a Justin Bieber enthusiast, and consuming her daily quota of Diet Coke. 

Maddie McCoy

Maddie handles all things customer service and community outreach at Hosanna Revival—if you've reached out to customer service to ask a question about your order or share a prayer, she's the gal on the other side of the screen! She met Jesus at a YoungLife camp when she was a freshman in high school and is constantly astounded by the faithfulness and sovereignty of the story that God has been writing in her life. Maddie finds joy in making baked goods for the office, trying her hand at any type of craft, finding just the right playlist, and going on walks with her husband and pup. On the weekends she can be found in her hammock, with a good book in one hand and an iced coffee in the other. 

Evan Vossman

Evan is a Staff Writer and Assistant Editor at Hosanna Revival. He is currently based in Cincinnati, where he is a Ph.D. student in history of biblical interpretation at Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion. Evan became a Christian while in high school, and has been a perpetual learner of all things Bible, Christianity, and Judaism ever since. Passionate about writing and reading, he loves helping people communicate their thoughts clearly while expanding their biblical knowledge. When not working on something school related, Evan can be found rock climbing at a local gym, playing guitar, or drinking coffee!

Frankie Guiliano

As our residential Floor Manager, Frankie enjoys long naps on the floor, most days, most of the time. He likes to eat pretty much anything in sight, including other dog’s food. He loves his Mom and Dad more than anything and will jump at least 6 feet in the air when he sees them. Frankie misses his sister Peach terribly and thinks of her often. He is looking forward to taking more naps this summer, and eating people food when he can find it.  He loves going to the groomer because everyone tells him how handsome he is afterward. He can often be found in his hammock bed memorizing Scripture to tell his friends he meets at the dog park.