Gift Intentionally

How to Share Beauty in this Season

Dear intentional gifter,

This Christmas, we invite you to share the beauty of truth with those around you through gifting intentionally. Whether it’s through choosing each tool with the recipient in mind or wrapping the gift in a beautiful new way, each gift you give is an opportunity to deeply encourage your friend or family member. Welcome to our best tips to gift intentionally...

Add a handmade touch

See gift-giving as an opportunity for creativity. Whether it’s in a tiny detail of how you wrap it or the gift itself, dream up how to add a handmade element to your gift. 

Wrap it with intention

Choose a fresh new way to wrap your gifts that infuses the gift with beauty and personality. Slip in an extra little element like a photo or sticker to bring a smile to their face.

Write a Gift Note

Writing an intentional note is a simple way to make someone feel seen and cared for. Shipping straight to your recipient’s house? Leave a little gift note at checkout!

How to Gift a Loaded Bible

a gifted Bible given with thought, prayer, and a few tips taped within

Opening the Bible can be overwhelming. If you are gifting a Bible to a friend or family member who isn’t familiar with its stories or how to read it, a loaded Bible can be the perfect way to bridge that gap and equip them to feel more comfortable and encouraged to read their new Bible—God’s Word will accomplish the rest! 


Mark the Table of Contents


Insert a reading plan


Add reference verses


Mark your favorite passages


Write a sweet note


Pray over the Bible


Gift the Loaded Bible

Choose a Beautiful Bible

Unsure of where to start? Our Mystery Bible could be a great fit for you!

Gift-Wrapping Inspiration

from tucking in little notes and photos into the ribbon to choosing a new pattern or fabric for gift wrap, there are a million creative ways to gift intentionally

Looking for our most giftable tools?

Start here...

The 5-Year Prayer Journal

With a keepsake box and gorgeous cover designs, our 5-Year Prayer journal makes the perfect heirloom gift for the one looking to deepen their life of prayer.

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Intentional Devotionals

With over a dozen topics and book studies to choose from, our devotional library provides unique Bible studies for each season.

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Beautiful Notebooks

These tools are easy to slip alongside a bigger gift, or you can grab a bunch to give to friends! For your creative friends, consider gifting Hosanna Blanks.

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