A Dwelling Place

A Journey to Create Through Psalm 84

an invitation to create

A Dwelling Place

Welcome to your invitation to engage with Scripture in a new and beautiful way through intentional creativity. Join us for this 4-week series A Dwelling Place: A journey to create through Psalm 84 beginning August 5. Sign up for the free email series above, invite a friend, and prepare to create.


a creative journey through Psalm 84 over email and Instagram

Each week we will introduce a new section of Psalm 84 with three prompts to fuel your creativity, share a featured artist’s response to the passage, and send a collection of community responses to spark your inspiration.


for creatives and non-creatives alike

This journey was intentionally created to engage all levels of creativity and intended to stretch your inspiration, imagination, perception, and medium.


the journey begins August 5th

Join the journey by signing up for the email series today and following along on Instagram. We encourage you to work at your own pace and keep the main goal in mind: to creatively connect with God through his Word.

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Follow along on Instagram @HosannaRevival and share how you’re engaging with Scripture through creativity with the hashtag #CreateThroughScripture. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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