Set Your Goal

How will you grow spiritually in this season?

How will you grow spiritually this year?

With new seasons comes new rhythms and a fresh start! We are here to equip you with intentional tools to excite you to engage in God's Word. Start here to set your goal.

Set Your Goal

Begin with the ideas below to set your intentional goal to grow spiritually this year. What gets you excited to engage in Scripture?


Read through a book of the Bible

Choose Your Bible


Pray consistently

Choose Your Prayer Journal


Begin a Bible study

Choose your study


Create intentionally

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What are you struggling with?

Our WHEN blog has dozens of articles to equip you with truth for everyday situations. What specific topic is on your mind when it comes to growth in this season?


“No one escapes the sovereign rule of the Sovereign One. Jesus’ call to repent is a call to all to bow down before the only one who deserves all praise…”

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“I think we tend to make the idea of surrender a ‘one and done’ sort of conversation…but I don’t think this is how surrender works...”

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“As we read through these eight different mealtimes in the gospel of Luke, let us remember and be grateful for the God who welcomes all to his table…”

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New to Jesus

“In our human nature, we often base love on how people treat us. But that is not the way of God, and as you begin your relationship with him it is important that you understand that...” 

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Spiritual Drought

“We have all walked through this desert before, when we feel ‘spiritually dry,’ as if we have been confined to an endless desert, and our spiritual lives and faith feel dry and lifeless…”

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“Like a sudden, invisible, and unwanted force that collides deep inside of your soul; the faith inside of you that once felt so strong begins to pull apart…”

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“Can you recall a time when you literally froze in fear? Maybe it was discovering a threatening animal, running into a past love, encountering an intruder, or standing in front of a crowd...”

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“I wish I could write a how-to book on ‘How To Go About Your Day When You Kind Of Want to Die Sometimes,’ but I can’t...” 

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“Our world tethers so much value to the work that we do in our careers and jobs. It’s one of the first questions we ask the people we meet…”

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“In late 2019, I was waiting in the lobby of my OBGYN’s office. I was there for my annual checkup, though, after a painfully long time trying to get pregnant…” 

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“Like running up a dormant Hawaiian volcano in July at 3 p.m., singleness has been viewed as the hilliest and hottest marathon: something to endure, something to get through on the way to marriage...” 

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“Whether you feel like you have a lot of friends or only a few, friendship in today’s world is muddled by the role social media plays in our lives...”

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