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Are you in desperate need of revival but struggle to open God's Word? What if a new and beautiful Bible would lead you to open the cover to the reviving words within?

Welcome to Hosanna Revival, the home of beautiful Bibles. Here at Hosanna our mission is to excite you to engage with Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools for your life. We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of God's Word by exploring our TGCW-exclusive perks and learning more about our beautiful Bibles below.

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Why Beautiful Bibles?

A Guide to Our Beautiful Bibles

Bibles By Translation

We know when it comes to reading the Bible, clarity is key. Choose below from your favorite translation, or try a new one to deepen your understanding of God's Word.

ESV Translation

"word-for-word" accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning

Choose ESV

CSB Translation

faithful to the original languages without sacrificing readability

Choose CSB

NLT Translation

clear and contemporary English that was written to be read aloud

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Bibles By Style

The size and style of your Bible matters. Are you looking to take your Bible on the go? Are you hoping for deep study tools alongside the text? Do you struggle to read the small print but still long for a beautiful cover?

The ESV Study Bible

For the one who wants to deep dive into commentary, charts, maps, and articles alongside the text

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ESV Large Print Bibles

For the one who wants an heirloom-sized Bible with a readable text size

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Journaling and Notetaking Bibles

For the one who wants a compact-sized Bible with space to journal alongside the Word

Beautiful Tools

for your Beautiful Bible

intentional tools designed to excite you about engaging in Scripture

Beautiful Prayer Journals

for the one who wants to track God's faithfulness through prayer

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Beautiful Devotionals

for the one who wants to grow through a specific topic of passage of Scripture

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Beautiful Notebooks

for the one who wants a beautiful space to record notes, dreams, and prayers

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before you go, remember this:

The inside of God's Word is so beautiful—stories of adventure, desperation, love, redemption, trial, victory, and a relentless pursuit of a lost and broken people. Open it today, and ask to see the beauty of these words. We're cheering you on towards revival in him.