Restore My Soul

a collection for the weary and worn

Return to Beauty

“Restore my soul” is the heart’s cry behind this collection as God’s Word breaks fresh ground in our hearts through beauty. The muted blue tones and mauve accents carry a sense of peace throughout the collection, calling our hearts to seek restoration within these pages. This winter, let the beauty of Scripture stir your heart again. Your intentional tool awaits.

New Tools to Revive you

Welcome to our Winter Collection which features 10 new tools: our ESV Study Bible Iceland, Large Print Bible Victoria, three new journaling Bibles, a beloved Versailles Prayer Journal, and four new notebooks.

Intentional Interior Layouts

Whether engaging with Scripture through the journaling margins on our Bibles or interacting with our 5-Year Prayer Journal, each tool in this collection is designed with intentional functionality.

Beautiful Cover Designs

When designing our new collections, our founder and artist Katie crafts a line of beautiful new designs to reflect the coming season. Choose the one that stirs your soul to beauty.

Find Beauty Here

Avenues to Restore Your Soul this Fall

Restoration through Scripture

Refreshment through Note-Taking

Revival through Prayer