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We exist to excite people about engaging in Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools for their lives. Revive your excitement today by choosing your beautiful Bible.

40+ beautiful designs

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spacious journaling margins

Apart from our Study Bibles, all of our Bibles include ample space to take notes, annotate Scripture, and dive deeper into the Word.

featuring hand-painted artwork

Each Hosanna Revival design is originally hand-painted by our founder, Katie, and then carefully recreated to be printed onto our Bibles.



"In the Sierra Madre region of Mexico, strong and bold dahlias grow freely.  As I designed this Bible, I pondered the strength and steadfastness of God's love, and I immediately thought of the dahlia.  The beauty of a dahlia is breathtaking, and they grow strong, thick stems with deep roots to support their heavy blooms."



Light and bright poppies grow abundantly in the fields of Yorkshire, UK. Poppies grow from seed, sprouting very quickly, and produce full and colorful blooms. This beautiful Bible features a free-form bouquet of wild poppies and is paired with a verse from Scripture that perfectly complements the personality of the poppy: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" (2 Corinthians 3:17).

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What People Are Saying:

Absolutely Stunning
This is the most beautiful Bible I've ever owned. I'm getting back into reading the Word for the first time in years, and I feel so excited and happy every time I take out my Bible.
- Karley

My Most Favorite Bible I’ve Ever Owned
This business is like no other. Their mission is to “excite women about engaging in Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools for their lives,” and that is exactly the experience I've had with this brand.
- Allyson

Worth the Wait
This Bible is everything I was hoping for. I’ve received so many questions & compliments on it & I’m always delighted to share where I purchased it from :)
- Vanessa