Marisa Williams

After graduating college, Marisa stumbled upon Hosanna Revival Bibles while shopping, and knew a Bible was exactly what she needed during a time of such change. Read to hear how Marisa took risks in her faith, attended a new church body, and explored the word of God with a brand new set of eyes.

After graduating college, I went on a graduation trip and stumbled upon the Hosanna Revival Bibles in a store while shopping. My parents had gifted me graduation money, and when I saw the Bibles, I knew buying one was the right move. I had just ended a major chapter of my life, and at the same time, had started attending a new church. I saw this Bible on the shelf and immediately fell in love with how stunning it was. Since I had the money to spend, I spent it on something I knew I would get something out of--something so life-giving.

Buying this Bible came at exactly the right time. I had attended the same church for over eight years and I started to feel God calling me elsewhere. This was the first church I attended apart from my parents, and one of the first times I was really stepping out on my own. The church was a clean slate for me. A new community, new ways to worship and serve God — a spiritual renewal even. A fresh, new Bible at a new church and me ready for God to teach me whatever He wanted to in this next season of my life.

During college, I had read and spent time interacting with His word, but, there is something so amazing about interacting with Scripture you've read dozens of times on a new, blank page. It's asking, begging for our Lord and Savior to teach us something new. I have loved reading about His promises in the Old Testament and then getting to read of their fulfillment in the New Testament. One day as I was reading in Isaiah, I realized that the exact Scripture tied to something I had read previously in Matthew. I had read these verses before, but in that moment I was reminded of God’s ultimate plan and sovereignty. From Isaiah to Matthew, God had upheld his promises for his people — just like He had for me.

Since owning my Bible, I have seen His faithfulness over and over again. Week after week at my new church I am reminded of His plan, His goodness, and His sovereignty. I am so astonished that I had the courage to try out a new church — much less decide to stay. Four or five years ago I would have never considered attending a different church, but He has carried me through it all as I navigate my new church home. I now feel open-armed and willing to draw closer to him. The Bible itself is so visually stunning that it makes me want to reach for it more than I have in over a year! As I reach for my Bible more, it fuels my want for scripture and closeness with God. I have walked with The Lord in a different way, one that is more intimate, and more filled with risks since I graduated from college.I hope that as girls open the blank pages of this new Bible, that they too can start a new chapter with him. That they would be reminded of His faithful promises in the midst of unknown times. That scripture would become more alive to them in the newness of these pages — just like it did for me. I am so excited to see what else He will do in the future with this Bible in my hand.