Myah Kelley

Throughout high school, Myah faced the struggle of anxiety and depression head on. After a long time of trying to make herself “good enough” to come to the word, Myah purchased a Hosanna Revival Bible and began to discover, for the first time, what a love story with Christ really looks like. Myah’s story is one of beautiful obedience to consistent time with Jesus and a testament to how that time can change the rest of your life. Read on to hear more of Myah’s story.

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Sara Hess

In her senior year of college, Sara was left in darkness as her relationship ended, and depression began to take over. In this heart-break, Sara slowly cried out to Jesus, desperately hoping for healing to her terrible pain. Read Sara’s story to hear the beautiful, life-altering ways Jesus came to her in her brokenness and brought her back to the light.

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Emma Bailey

After falling in love with scripture in college, Emma’s parents surprised her with the perfect graduation gift: a custom Bible. Emma racked her brain with the perfect cover words, and landed on a simple, sweet title. Read to hear how Emma’s adventure with the story of God led her to title her Bible The Big God Story.

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Rachael Witkay

Growing up in a Christian home, Rachael always knew who Jesus was. When she purchased herself a journaling Bible, Rachael discovered the power of writing and reading, and how her passions connected with the truth of scripture. Read to hear how Rachael’s journaling Bible lead her into a daily pursuit of the Father.

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