Sheila & Anna Chambers

As Sheila’s daughter Anna headed into college, there was only one gift she could imagine giving to her daughter to prepare her for this new chapter in life. Read to find out how Anna’s faith inspired her mom, and how Sheila watched her daughters' new paths be lead by the Word.

I wanted Anna to have this special Bible for her graduation because I couldn’t think of a better gift for Anna to build her life on. The words in this book contain the words of life, they tell us of the great news of God's love for us and the redemption story of Jesus - His death and resurrection to defeat sin and death. It has been the foundation for our family and it will lead her from here as she goes on to explore new paths of her own.

Anna has a deep faith in Jesus. She loves His word. He has been her rock through the ups and downs of high school. She is a thinker and digs deep. She has grown so much this past year. I have watched her get up before school most days to spend time with the Lord — in the Bible and in prayer. I have been inspired myself from watching the way she has committed to starting her day with Him. That time has changed her this year — she has a deep mature faith. When she speaks about Jesus it comes from a deep place. She has come to know clearly who He says she is. She speaks truth to me when I am forgetting it for myself--what a joy to have your own daughter speak truth to you! I can't begin to describe what this means to me to share this faith with her.  

It is a weird thing as a parent to send your child to college. You go from 24/7 parenting to having no idea what the day looks like for them or what they are doing. My hope is that no matter what comes, whatever she is doing - the truth of scripture will be her foundation. The verses on her bible say, "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” and "Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me." (Psalm 43:3). That is what I hope she learns from the scripture — that there is an unshakable truth in these pages — a rock to stand on, and a light for her way. As much as I wish I could be with her every day from here; to help fight the battles she will face, I'd much rather know that Jesus is with her and He will lead her through His word 24/7. As a parent, there is no greater comfort than knowing that my daughter has a constant guide, an everlasting source of light, with her no matter how far away she is from me.