Mystery Bible

Mystery Bible

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A beautiful, undamaged Bible from our Sale section (no requests)

Want to add a little mystery to your order? Add this mystery Bible to your cart to receive a beautiful, undamaged Bible from our Sale section. Do you get to request the design? No—it’s a mystery! What about translation? Also a surprise! That’s half the fun: You never know what you’ll receive!

This mystery Bible is perfect for:

  • The one who doesn’t know which Bible to choose
  • The one who loves our beautiful Bibles but is looking for a low-cost alternative
  • The one who is looking to gift a Bible to a friend

Designed to gift intentionally: Do you have a friend who would love a beautiful Bible as a gift? Or one who is a new believer and has never owned a Bible of her own? Or maybe you want to stock up on beautiful copies of God’s Word to gift to strangers you encounter? With this mystery Bible, we want to offer you the ability to gift our high-quality Bibles at a steep discount. We encourage you to pray and ask God who this Bible would be perfect for. You can start with someone in mind or wait until you receive the mystery Bible to decide. Happy gifting!

Please Note: This mystery Bible is final sale only and is not eligible for returns or exchanges. (But, we are cheering you on if you decide to pass this Bible on to a friend!)

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