Sojourn Collection


Introducing the Sojourn Collection. I designed these Bibles and journals back in February. Like anything that takes time, the anticipation grew day by day while we waited months for this minimal collection of Bibles to arrive. These designs are different from my usual style, but somehow feel more and more like my heart. As the designs and names fell into place, the word “Sojourn” kept coming to mind. A sojourner is a person who stays in a place for a short while. This word, “sojourn” is used many times in the Bible—always describing brave journeys of the fearless and the faithful. We too, in 2019 are sojourners. The Bible is a guidebook for the wanderer—a novel of true and impactful journeys written to bring Glory to the Author and perfecter of our faith.

If you’ve followed along for any length of time, you might have heard that we name each of our designs after the city that inspired them. The cover designs of these Bibles are minimal, but much intentionality lies behind the places in the Bible that these designs are named after, and the Scripture chosen for each Sojourner.


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