Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden

Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden

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A 6-Week Study on Habakkuk for those in transition.

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Life is a series of changes and transition. We are always approaching a season of change, in a season of change, or emerging from a season of change. In a world of constant shifting and change, the unchanging nature of God is the steady rock on which we can depend.

Join Erica Boden as she leads you on a 6-week journey through the book of Habakkuk where you will learn how our consistent Father is present and steady in your seasons of change. Whether it’s graduating from high school, beginning a new job, preparing for marriage, losing a friend, or moving far from home, Yet will remind you of God’s unwavering heart and character as you learn to share and process your honest feelings with him.

Each daily reading will walk through part of Habakkuk with supplemental Scripture, include guided questions, and allow you to reflect while sharing gratitude. Yet allows you to experience your daily life with Jesus while giving you a safe space to celebrate, mourn, cheer, and grieve. Our prayer for you is that you will find that God’s heart and love for you is consistent in every season, and that very information will fuel you daily and free you forever.

By Erica Boden

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Format: Hardcover (cloth over board)
Page Count: 214
Size: 6.25 in x 7.25 in x .875 in
ISBN: 978-1-7357-2059-3
Published: July 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Moriah Wagner
So beautiful

I loved the way that this study walked me through the book of Habakkuk in a way I’d never known before, gave me such a beautiful perspective and insight.

Jessie H.
Perfect for a High School Graduate!

Two years ago I gifted this to a young lady in my life who had graduated college and was figuring out where God’s next steps for her were. She said the study was well done, she loved that it wasn’t hard to finish, but the questions were thought provoking. Anyhow, she loved it so much that she ended up gifting one to my own daughter two weeks ago, when my daughter graduated high school. If that doesn’t affirm what a gift this study is, I’m not sure what would.

What I didnt know I needed

I bought this Bible study as I was walking through some major transitions in life in addition to getting ready to get married. This study was exactly what I didnt know I needed. I loved how it pulled me into scripture and made me sit with it. I loved how it pulled you into other parts of scripture outside Habakkuk to really paint the full picture. Whatever transition or hard you are walking through, allow this study to come along side you as you lean into Scripture and the arms of a loving God.

Aliya Bressel
Still My Favorite Devotional

This devotional I bought as a set for a friend and myself. It was my first time taking a deep dive through Habakkuk, and I've been in love and encouraged by that book ever since. This devotional really helped me to rest in God's timing for the season of life I was in. I was engaged at the time, and it was one of the first times in our relationship where my husband hand taken the lead and I had to take a seat. And I'm so thankful for that season and how the Lord worked in my heart through this devotional to help prepare me for my marriage, and my prayer life from then on. Constantly being in a season of "preparation" it felt like, where as now, I'm living in the fruit of those prayers with the encouragement of Habakkuk written on my heart that had carried me through those long nights of seemingly unanswered prayers. It's an amazing devotional for those who are in a season of preparation, of watching and waiting doe the Lord, and those of whom are learning to be still and know that He is Lord, and He is working all things for our good. It was a life changing devotional for me and I will continue to gift this to other amazing women in my life as long as I can.

Great tool to read through an unpopular book in the bible.

I was gifted this devotional after graduating high school. I appreciated reading through a book of the bible I hadn't really studied much and the commentary was great. I have now bought it for my friend graduating.


This honestly has come at such a perfect time. My daughter came home for the summer to prepare for her wedding. It is blessing her so much in this season!!

Allison Rattenborg
Comforting, powerful study for those going thru a transition!

I began Yet as a personal study back in February and quickly knew that my small group (moms who will soon be empty nesters) needed to do this together. Erica Boden has a comforting and powerful voice. Love the ties to Habakkuk as well as personal reflection. My small group has loved doing this together, and I've gifted this beautiful study to friends also going thru major changes in life (whether it's recent college graduation, moving to a new city, or empty nesters). LOVE this study!!


So beautiful and packed with amazing information. Makes Bible study time easier and the aesthetic of it helps with keeping me interested and wanting to dive deeper. Definitely a must purchase 🫶🏼🙏🏼

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