God of Forever

A devotional on the character of God

God of Forever

God of Forever is an 8-week devotional where author Haylee Williams provides an introductory study of the God of Scripture through an emphasis on studying the Word and seeing the magnificence of God from Genesis to Revelation.

God of Forever, a devotional by Haylee Williams, is an eight-week study that draws out the truth of God’s character through the pages of God’s Word. With a primary focus on Scripture, God of Forever is an excellent introduction to the Trinity and to the unchanging constancy of God. Looking closely at the united will and essence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, this devotional seeks to dispel the misunderstandings surrounding the love and omnipotence of our Lord. Our prayer for this devotional is that it helps you to grow in knowledge, worship, and desire for God and his Word. 

God of Forever

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God of Forever

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So Excited

I have been looking for study that discusses who God is in all his characteristics and this is one that has stuck out the most.


Absolutely Moving

I get a very powerful craving to dig deeper into my Bible even more!


New to the Word

It was so intentionally written to bring you closer to the heart of God. As someone new to the Word, I am beyond grateful for this tool.


God of Forever

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God of Forever

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