I Am Not in Charge

a devotional on control

I Am Not In Charge

I Am Not in Charge is an 8-week devotional where author Ness Cannon shows us—through her own story, Scripture, and thought-provoking questions—how to take baby steps toward peace and connection through accepting what we can—and can't—control.

Author Ness Cannon wrote I Am Not in Charge for those who wish they had more control over all the moving parts in their lives. A few years ago, a life-changing MS diagnosis set Ness on a journey of confronting her struggle with control and discovering there is freedom in accepting that we are not in charge. In I Am Not in Charge, you, like Ness, will learn how to take practical steps with Jesus towards self-compassion, connection with others, vulnerability, and embracing your own story. 


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I Am Not in Charge

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"It is a wonderful blend of engaging storytelling, time for reflection, and incorporation of scripture. I recommend this devotional to everyone."



"Reading through the chapters I realized I had been holding onto a lot more than I thought I had been in my everyday life. I would recommend buying this and really dive in deep to what you aren't surrendering over to the Lord."

—Cynthia Hope—


"This devotional is amazing. I purchased one for myself & my best friend, we read them separately but discuss what we've learned & how we responded to the questions."


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A Note from author Ness Cannon

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For "I Am Not In Charge" with author Ness Cannon

This Devotional is for people who…

(Extended version by author Ness Cannon)

1. Feel guilty after they take a nap.

2. Think naps are a spiritual practice. 

3. Don’t know how to say no because they just want to help EVERY HUMAN ALIVE.

4. Have a ten-year-plan for their lives. 

5. Don’t have a 10-minute-plan for their lives.

6. Cry in the shower. 

7. Think people who cry in the shower are babies.

8. Can’t let go of that one negative comment.

9. Think that they are mostly, always, correct.

10. Feel pressure when they change their bio. 

11. Answer e-mails at 9 pm.

12. Die a little on the inside when they get an A-

13. Have 20 unanswered texts on their phone.

14. Hate looking weak. Ever. 

15. Are a little bit of a perfectionist. Or have more than 3 monogrammed items. (Which may be the same thing?)

16. Think that God wishes they were doing more. 

17. Wishes that everybody else was doing as much as they are doing.

18. Have doubts in their faith and feel alone.

19. Have a hard time prioritizing rest. 

20. Feel like their life is out of control.

21. Have laminated chore charts.

22. Secretly judge others without laminated chore charts. 

23. Want practical ways to take steps with Jesus towards self-compassion, connection with others, vulnerability and embracing their own story.

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Ness Cannon

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