The Hosanna Revival Undated Planner

Welcome to Your Most Intentional Year Yet

Experience a fresh start in the middle of your year

For years we’ve developed our signature Hosanna Revival Planner to pair intentional functional features with the essence of beauty. Our Undated Planner provides our classic design in a flexible format so you can jump straight into organizing your busy and beautiful life.


Our planner design centers around these three core features:

Core Features

The Hosanna Revival Planner is...

Begin Today

Our Undated Planner is designed to begin the moment you want a fresh start. Build out your intentional schedule starting right where you’re at.


I am obsessed with this planner! It is gorgeous from outside to inside, every single page filled with detail and beauty. It’s also the most functional and easy to use planner I’ve ever tried.
— Sierra —


As a planner snob, I am super picky about the planners I choose. This one has amazing quality, a practical (and beautiful) layout, and contains all the pages I want and need!
— Raleigh —


I bought one for myself, and loved it so much that I knew my sister needed one too! It’s hard to find planners that are both beautiful and efficient, but this planner has it all.
— Payton —

How to Set Up Your Undated Planner

Intentional features to plan your busy and beautiful life

A design that signals your fresh start

We surveyed 2000+ community members to understand what makes the perfect planner. Your biggest request? Space! Space for boxes and lists and priorities and dreams—but in an unprompted way so you can make the most of your intentional days ahead.


Open the beautiful Marlo cover.


Set up your monthly “Intro” spread — your fresh start!


Clear your brain for the weeks ahead using the “Month at a Glance” spread.


Fill in the calendar box dates.


Begin planning out your busy and beautiful life in the weekly spread.


Return to this planner for the next 12 months—or more!


Enjoy these bonus features.


I love this planner, because A: it’s pretty, and 2: I actually use it. It’s got enough to make me think through more than I normally would, but not so much that I give up trying to keep up with it.


It’s not “too” organized where I feel like I’m trying to fit my life into someone else’s schedule, but it’s organized enough where I can keep up with my dates, tasks, and responsibilities.
— Madison —


I have owned enough planners over the years to know that this one is the best. It’s perfect for school or work or just life, it’s beautiful, and it has the best function of any planner I’ve encountered.
— Alicia —

Maximize Your Planner with the brainstorm boxes

Wish your planner had extra features? Use our signature “Brainstorm Box” to bring that to life! We intentionally designed our planners with blank Brainstorm Boxes sprinkled throughout the pages for maximum planning potential.

How to Use Your Brainstorm Boxes

ideas from our community

A Faith-Based Planner

Explore the Scripture-Centered Features

Scripture to Guide Your Day

Our heart is to create beautiful and intentional tools that excite you to engage in Scripture! What if a new and beautiful planner filled with intentional touches of Scripture would excite you to open up your Bible this year?

Scripture-Centered Feature

Verse of the Month

Scripture-Centered Feature

A Word for Your Week


Each month has a beautiful bible verse to help motivate you and inspire you!!! A sweet reminder that the Lord is with us daily!
— Ashley —


The Scripture, writing prompts at the beginning of each month, and banner word for the week have grown my passion for Scripture. I feel calmer writing in this planner because of the Scripture aspects.
— Hannah —


I usually feel overwhelmed looking at my schedule but the planner has helped so much and allowed me to dwell on truth, beauty, and good with the added verses.
— Emily —

A Planner for Every Season

So you can live your busy and beautiful life!

Built for Your Busy and Beautiful Life

We design our planners with all walks of life in mind. Built with both structure and flexibility, our planners are adaptable to your specific needs.

For School

I got this planner when I began nursing school. It not only kept me organized, but the Bible verses helped give me encouragement as well. Highly recommend buying this!
— Miranda —

For New Seasons

I just got married and was going crazy until I got this planner. It’s GORGEOUS!
— Erin —

For Family Life

The layout is perfect for my needs; I'm able to easily keep track of work schedules, activities, and appointments for our family of five.
— LB —

Planner FAQ

If you have a question about our planners, take a peek below for an answer:

A few years ago, we went through an in-depth process of gathering feedback to understand your needs as you intentionally plan your days. As a result, we revisit our design each year to make it better than the last. Explore our new features for this year’s planners:

  • 12-Months: We wanted to provide you with a more compact annual planner!
  • Refreshed Interior Layout: We combined our signature floral and minimalist interiors for a single unified “delicate floral” design available in 3 dated cover designs and our undated format.
  • Our Undated Layout: Begin in any season!

We pray these features serve you well as you intentionally plan your days.

Our signature Month-at-a-Glance Spread is the perfect place to drop ideas before heading into your month ahead. Or, if you need extra space during the month, you can turn back here to note down anything you want to remember.

To the Left: Plan your month as a whole! The blank box is for lists, random notes, drawings, and more, while the lines are for more structured checklists, grocery lists, schedules, prayer requests, etc! If you find yourself thinking, I wish I had space for ______, this page is designed for that! 

To the Right: Plan your month week-by-week! These blank weekly boxes are where you can put special events, week-specific tasks, priorities, and reminders before you head into your weekly spread. Think of it as a drop list for all your thoughts before or during the month!

At the end of the day, these sections are designed to be used in whatever way you need to plan your year well.

Use these boxes in whichever way serves you best as you plan! Here are a few ideas to fill this box: top 3 priorities for the day, daily events, task dump list, birthdays, a verse of the day, or doodles! The options are endless! Check out our suggestions above for this special “Brainstorm Box.”

Have a question not answered here? Check out our FAQ page.

Intentional Tools

To pair with your planner


Choose from our beautiful lined notebooks to find the perfect pair to plan your year well.

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What better way to plan your year than getting cozy with our Hosanna sweatshirt?

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Decorate your planner with mini reminders of truth: the cutest Hosanna stickers!

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