A devotional on the beauty of the Biblical story.


The Story Circle is a 6 part devotional where author Joshua Lenon immerses readers into the beauty of the biblical story. From the first page to the last page, you will be led on a journey into the heart of our Father and the (almost) unbelievable story he has been telling.

The Story Circle, written by Joshua Lenon, will draw your mind and imagination into this beautiful story that has been unfolding since the very dawn of time. Joshua weaves together the story line of Scripture and the story line of your life in a way that will not leave you unchanged. As he likes to say, “You will find yourself in this story.”  You will find who you are—your true identity—who you were originally created to be as a son or daughter of God. You will also, like some mystical tale of old, find yourself woven into this epic that unfolds. You will see that this story is your story. It is our story. And you and I have a part to play in it. 

As you walk through each of the six parts of The Story Circle—from Beauty to Beauty—you will be given a chance to write out the story in your own words, remember key portions of Scripture, and reflect with questions designed to let you see that this Story is also your story. So, come—come discover who you are and who you were meant to be as you find that story that is yours as well.


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