The Promise in Habakkuk for Those in Transition

YET: The Promise in Habakkuk for Those in Transition

YET is a 6-week devotional for people in seasons of transition who are walking through the in-between. This tool will encourage you that God is available daily, active in your life, and longing to hear your voice.

In our devotional, YET, you will learn how the prophet Habakkuk begins by taking his complaints and honest heart to God and ends in rejoicing — not because of his circumstance — but because of the character and love of God. Author Erica Boden wrote YET for those who are walking between two jobs, or two zip codes, or two seemingly different lives. The same God is faithful, true, and good in this season of transition. Our prayer for you is that you will find that God’s heart and love for you is consistent in every season, and that very information will fuel you daily and free you forever.


For the one who is...

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YET: The Promise in Habakkuk for Those in Transition

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Highly Recommend

I highly encourage you to pick up this devo if you are in between big life changes or see things happening around you and asking the Lord, "What about me?"


Beautiful and Encouraging!

It's like talking to a friend through seasons of transition, but a solid friend who will point you toward Scripture and ask you the deep questions.


In Love

This is the devotional that I have unintentionally been looking for. It’s perfect for any changing uncertain season of life. 



I have never been a devotional person; however, this is not a typical devotional. This is a hands-on guide consistently pointing toward biblical truth.



 I’ve historically struggled with changes both big and small… I have absolutely loved this study. It has completely transformed the way I view my relationship with God in seasons of transitions.


Gracious and Truthful

A friend and I are going through this devotional together. It’s such a great devotional— relatable, truth-full, convicting, and also gracious. Would recommend to others!



A Note from author Erica Boden


For "Yet" with author Erica Boden

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To the one in a season of transition...

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