Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden
Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden

Yet (Study in Habakkuk) by Erica Boden

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A 6-Week Study on Habakkuk for those in transition.

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Life is a series of changes and transition. We are always approaching a season of change, in a season of change, or emerging from a season of change. In a world of constant shifting and change, the unchanging nature of God is the steady rock on which we can depend.

Join Erica Boden as she leads you on a 6-week journey through the book of Habakkuk where you will learn how our consistent Father is present and steady in your seasons of change. Whether it’s graduating from high school, beginning a new job, preparing for marriage, losing a friend, or moving far from home, Yet will remind you of God’s unwavering heart and character as you learn to share and process your honest feelings with him.

Each daily reading will walk through part of Habakkuk with supplemental Scripture, include guided questions, and allow you to reflect while sharing gratitude. Yet allows you to experience your daily life with Jesus while giving you a safe space to celebrate, mourn, cheer, and grieve. Our prayer for you is that you will find that God’s heart and love for you is consistent in every season, and that very information will fuel you daily and free you forever.

By Erica Boden

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Format: Hardcover (cloth over board)
Page Count: 214
Size: 6.25 in x 7.25 in x .875 in
ISBN: 978-1-7357-2059-3
Published: July 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

So beautiful and packed with amazing information. Makes Bible study time easier and the aesthetic of it helps with keeping me interested and wanting to dive deeper. Definitely a must purchase 🫶🏼🙏🏼

Aimee Young
Some good insights

This is my second devotional book from this site. The first study touched me deeply spiritually. This devotional book had some good insights but there were many typos and misprints that made it hard to follow. I skipped some questions trying to figure out the correct reference because it was mistyped. Some questions were also redundant and not as introspective to answer. Overall, I didn’t gain as much from this study as I hoped.


It is amazing how smoothing so little cost can help change in your life! I am enjoying this devotional!


Love this devotional. Truly helping me during my current life struggles.

The encouragement you needed but didn’t want to ask for

Wow! I’m halfway through this devotional and I can say without doubt, it’s one of the best devotionals I’ve had. I grew up in the church and strayed away for many years, now I’m slowly coming back to church and more importantly, coming back to my time with God. I knew I wanted a devotional to help me get back into reading my Bible, but I honestly didn’t want to read something I previously studied. Insert this devotional and honestly, I still can’t spell Habakkuk without spell check, but more importantly, it’s been an in-depth study of how we can bring our worries, our anxious thoughts to God. He wants us to be closer to him, to know that he’ll never leave us (even when we complain to him). And it was so refreshing to have real stories intermingled with the readings for the day from the writer. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the Bible with a book that isn’t readily taught upon, this is the one to choose. If you’re in the in between seasons of transition, this is a great devotion to get into God’s word to see that we aren’t in this alone.

Surprising and so good!

Being on a topic that most of us don't study very often, it was beautifully surprising to be convicted and encouraged the very first day of this devotional.
Really approachable, yet thought provoking!

Nurse Franklin
Just what I needed

I am almost finished working through this devotional, my first one from Hosanna Revival. God has really spoken to me through it. It is simple and leaves alot of room for you to reflect on what is happening in your own life. But in it's simplicity I gleamed so much from it and reconnected with God in my life. I would reccomend studying the Bible versus using two different versions of the Bible. I used Hosanna Revival's ESV Aurora Bible and my long time NIV, reading the two helped me reach deeper and gain a better understanding of His word.

So Good

This devotional has been instrumental in my transition from being overseas to now back where I was born, with all the feels and questions, wrestles with the Lord and being very encouraged by Habakkuk. Grateful for this study and the author’s testimony & the kindness of God & word of God.

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