God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams
God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams

God of Forever by Haylee J. Williams

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An 8-Week Study on the Character of God

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We cannot wish to know God apart from his Word. The God of the Bible is infinitely holy, wise, glorious, powerful, and good. But there are many other voices that would seek to guide our thinking about God. Can we truly know God? Is he really unchanging, or has he changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament?

This 8-week study draws out the truth of God’s character through the pages of God’s Word. With a primary focus on Scripture, God of Forever is an excellent introduction to the Trinity and to the unchanging constancy of God. Looking closely at the united will and essence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, this devotional seeks to dispel the misunderstandings surrounding the love and omnipotence of the Lord.

Each week includes a topic regarding the character and nature of God. The study is focused on getting in the Word and discovering the truths contained within. Insightful commentary on the passage of the day will help readers to digest the deep meaning found from their study of the Word. Thought-provoking guided questions help the reader to extrapolate meaning and find application for what they are learning.

By Haylee J. Williams

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Format: Hardcover, Leather-Like 
Page Count: 160
Size: 6.25 in x 7.25 in x .875 in
ISBN: 978-1-9540-5306-9
Published: January 2022

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

This devotional is a great Bible Tool! I have purchased multiple as gifts after doing the devotional!


Love this! Bought it as a gift for my mother♥️

Jazmyn Straus
Beautiful Daily Devotional

This devotional helped me create a discipline to where I lean into Gods word on my own decision. I noticed that I spend time with God when it is handed to me or put in front of me. I loved spending time in the word with a simple and detailed devotional about learning the qualities of our Father. I am very thankful for this devotional.


I really love how the devotional starts with Scripture and dives deeper into what it says about God’s character.


got this devotional for my mom. she is obsessed with it! every page is absolutely gorgeous and the she adores the daily time with God & this lovely book.

This book is a beauty!

I have only purchased this study and haven't read it's life-changing words yet but I just wanted to say what a gorgeous book - the cover, the packaging, the font and the way it's been put together. Ladies, this is well made and I just know it's going to speak to my heart! These books are not skinny and flimsy as some other devo's I've purchased elsewhere - these are made professionally and with love! Cannot wait to review on my reading and growth!

I’m very thankful for this devotional :)

This devotional is beautiful which gets me excited about diving into God’s Word and learning more about Him. I have to finished it yet, but I am already enjoying it so much. It is well written, and the questions really cause me to think about what I’m reading and how to apply it to my personal life. I’m excited to finish it and see how it will continue to grow me and my walk with Christ.


This devotional cover is beautifully crafted and I can't wait to get started reading it!

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